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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for your Wife or Girlfriend.

In my opinion there are two kinds of women...... The first will have no problem with spending money, on treating herself to whatever she sees whether its clothes, jewellery or for something she enjoys such as crafts and those other miscellaneous needful things that she must have!

The second doesn’t treat herself very often, if she sees a new perfume she would really like, the most gorgeous pair of earrings or a new winter coat she puts off spending the money saying it would be better spent on the children or for household things - The boring items such as new saucepans, sheets or cutlery!

If your wife or girlfriend is like the second then you can really go to town with her stocking, buying all of the things she would love to have but doesn’t want to spend the money on...... as well as a few necessities which make a fun and novel idea! If your partner is like the first description, well I’m sure she won’t complain about having you buy her even more gifts!!

So let’s get started with the gift ideas, but please remember you know your wife or girlfriend and I don’t so you will no doubt have a lot more ideas based on what her interests are! If you don’t know what she would like, or even what her tastes are you better ring her best friend up!!

Perfume -

Now I’m afraid you can't guess at this! See what perfume she wears at the moment or what bottles she has on the dressing table - Is the bottle nearly empty? Is it full? If it’s half empty or with a drain left in the bottom it’s a good indication she uses it a lot and so likes it.
If it’s hardly been used then it may have been a gift or something which she bought and later decided was a mistake.
You could of course ask her which perfume she would like you to buy for Christmas but if you want it to be a surprise I would suggest the help of the empty bottle idea above making a note of the name and brand.
If that fails ask her best friend or the lady at the perfume counter for help!

Jewelry -

Silver or gold? Earrings, necklace or bracelet? So many choices! Take her to a jewellery shop, or just “accidentally” browse through the window of one, before she can stop herself you will have a ton of ideas…. That’s nice, look at that, gorgeous…… Easy right? – Just make sure you get the right item which she was pointing at!

Cosmetics & Toiletries -

Such as hand and face creams, moisturiser, bath items from foam balls to bubble bath and bath salts. Items that make her feel good, smell gorgeous and pamper her.
Make-up wise again, what does she use often that is nearly all gone? Fill her stocking up with those items whether it’s a lipstick, nail varnish or even a set of new makeup brushes or makeup bag.

Gift Vouchers –

Perfect for when you are not quite sure on something and for items that can’t be wrapped!
Buy gift certificates for a massage/facial, a day trip to a health farm or for a manicure. Also include them for her favourite book store and clothes shop.

Lingerie –

Now I know you guys love to choose and buy us girls underwear but do you want her to wear it because she likes it or because she has to wear it once to please you?!
Be sure you know what her tastes are - plain or lacy, what colours, under wired bra or not, knickers or thongs? Also make sure you get the sizes right – A hint for this is to look at the labels in the items she wears often.
If you don’t know what her likes and dislikes are try pointing at things in catalogues or buying her gift vouchers.

Money -

You could wrap up some money with a note saying "Must buy something you really want!" Maybe put it in an envelope first and make sure she doesn’t rip straight through it!

Books –

Any types of books from the latest paperback novel to classics or arts and crafts, animals or photo books. Whatever she is interested in - Just try to see what types she likes to read or browse through - If she likes romance she probably wont be to happy with a crime or mystery book!

Gourmet Items –

Buy her a gift hamper full of gourmet chocolates, wine, champagne or even organic foods to surprise her with a simple yet memorable gift.

Magazines -

Whether you buy her some woman’s / fashion magazines or craft / art magazines even animals.... Whatever she is interested in.
Buy individual magazines for her to browse through over Christmas or buy her a 6 month or yearly subscription to her favourite.

Tights & Socks –

One of those essential things great for filling her stocking up with. Take into account colour, size and denier for tights though. I guess you could take a clean pair out of her drawer to show to the lady in the shop….. "I want this kind"!

Scarf and Gloves -

How about a cashmere scarf or leather gloves?

Postage Stamps! -

This fun idea came to me from a friend - He puts postage stamps in his wife's stocking as a gift from the cats!

Purse/ Wallet or Bag –

A girl can never have enough bags!

Chocolate -

You really can’t go far wrong here! Does she like dark chocolate, milk or white. Does she have a favourite such as Belgium chocolates?

Home Decor–

Ornaments / vase or pot / photo frame / painting or print / lamp / cushions……. You get the idea!

Candles -

Does she like scented candles? Is there a particular make she likes? Are they for burning or for decoration?
Generally the more ornate the more us women hate to burn and spoil them!

Stationary -

Writing paper / envelopes / pens / diary / journal / notebooks

Umbrella -

Speaks for itself!

Alchohol -

Bottle of wine, vodka or whatever she drinks – If she is a vodka drinker how about a selection pack of the different flavours?

Calender -

Flowers, Cats, Scenics.... The choice is endless.

CD’s -

Does her favourite band or singer have a new album out which you know she doesn’t have?

DVD’s -

Which films has she seen at the cinema or rented at home that she really enjoyed? What’s the new film out that you think she would like?

Flowers –

Whether a plant, a bouquet, fake flowers or packets of seeds for the garden lover.

Hobby & Interest Items -

All those things she is interested in and likes whether that is art and crafts, cooking, crystals, angels, sewing, sport, reading, photography, gardening or animals.

That’s all! – I’m sure you will have a few more ideas now, don’t forget this is all about treating her!
At least she can’t say you didn’t try, and I’m sure will appreciate the trouble you went to buying her some unique gifts.
If you do get a couple of gifts wrong then I’m sure you can laugh about it and if you save all the receipts things can be changed in the New Year.

Note - If you are a woman reading this – How about printing this off or leaving it open on the computer for him to read?!


If you wish to use this article in your ezine, on your website or even offline please contact me for details at info@emelegifts.com

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